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About this application
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About this application

"Kirie" is Japanese traditional artwork, made by cutting folded Origami.
Since the era of Samurai, men and women, young and old have been enjoyed this geometrized designing.
Enjoy creating beautiful motifs with your iPhone / iPodTouch with this Ki-Ri-e application!

- 10 kinds of folded patterns are provided.

- Draw cutting lines with your finger (sharpness can be set by yourself). If needed, zoom in and out to make intricate design.

- For Origami and Background, we provide;
  24 colors of colored papers with 23 gradation patterns
  15 types of figured papers
  pictures (you can choose one from “Camera Roll”)
  Just changing the Origami or the Background, you'll see your artwork completely different.

- Your artwork will be saved in Camera Roll. Feel free to send it to your friend or use it as a wallpaper.

- Tap or blow your work and have fun with twirling your Kirie! (blowing won't work with iPod Touch)

- Localized for English, Japanese and Chinese.

How to use
Here is a very simple instruction.
* click the image below to see other captured images.
-Create new Kirie work
1. Press button in the initial window and choose a fold type in "Fold" window. An animation starts - you can skip it by double-tapping thte screen or by pressing "Cut" button shown in the navigation bar.

2. Draw cutting lines and enjoy creating your design in "Cut" window.

*Buttons shown in "Cut" window;
= you can undo the previous operation.
= reset the size and position of the Origami.
*You can pinch in to zoom in, pinch out to zoom out, or move Origami using 2 fingers.
= you can set cutting sharpness and cutting selection mode.
*To change the cutting sharpness, drag the “Cut Sharpness” slider.
*To turncate the smaller part automatically, switch the “Auto” button on. If you switch the “Auto” button off, you can manually choose which part you will remain, every time you draw a cutting line.
= the window moves to "About the Work" window. You can name your artwork and you also can change the Origami/the background.

3. Press "open" button to start an animation. Your Kirie work will be unfolded. To skip the animation, double tap the screen or press "Open" button shown in the navigation bar.

4. You can twirl the unfolded image in "Open" window by touching or by blowing.

5. Press "save" button in "Open" window to save your Kirie artwork. The image will be saved in Camera Roll.

-Edit saved data
1. Choose one you want to edit (tap ">" mark) from the list of the initial window.
2. Edit your work in "Cut" window (just the same as above).

-Delete saved data
1. Swipe to show "delete" button in the list of the initial window. Press "Delete" and choose "Delete" in the action sheet.
2. Press "Edit" button at the buttom of the initial window. Touch mark, press "Delete" button and choose "Delete" in the action sheet.
*The data will be deleted from the application, but the image data in Camera Roll will remain.

-Sort your works
1. Press "Edit" button at the buttom of the initial window. Hold mark on the right and move it to wherever you want.
Q. "Undo" button sometimes doesn't work.
A. You can undo only 100 times. Also, note that if you choose a Ki-Ri-e work that you already made from the top window, "undo" will work only for the further operation.

Q. Can I hollow the inside of the Origami?
A. No, you can't. You can draw cutting lines only from edges.
Ki-Ri-e Artworks

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